Einladung zum Vortrag

Prof. Dr. Stefanie Höhl (Department of Psychology, University of Vienna) will give a talk on 17th of September at 12.15 (ZHG 011). Please find a seating plan for this event attached to this mail.

In her talk, Prof. Höhl will speak about “Neural synchrony in caregiver-child interactions” (see abstract below). In case you would like to meet with Prof. Höhl before or after the talk, feel free to drop me a line.

Titel: Getting attuned: Neural synchrony in caregiver-child interactions

Abstract: Caregiver-child interactions are characterized by interpersonal rhythms at different timescales, from nursery rhymes and interactive games to daily routines. These rhythms make the social environment more predictable for young children and enable interpersonal biobehavioral synchrony with their caregivers. By using simultaneous measures of neural and physiological activities from caregiver and child during live interactions, e.g. dual-ECG and dual-fNIRS, we can deepen our understanding of early interactional dynamics and their rhythmicity. I will present our recent research identifying factors critical to the establishment of caregiver-child synchrony, such as affective touch (in infants) and mutual reciprocity and verbal turn-taking (in preschool-aged children). I will further discuss some of the potential functions of interpersonal neural synchrony in early social-cognitive development, from social learning and communication to effective cooperation and interpersonal coordination.


Ricarda Bothe

Psychology of Language Department
Email: evaricarda.bothe@uni-goettingen.de

Sitzplan ZHG 011