Abstract zum Kolloquium

Dear all,

Due to train connection issues, Mariel Goddu’s talk today (December 1st) has been postponed to 13:00 and will take place in room 2.111 at Waldweg 26.

Best wishes, Feride

Dear all,

Here is the title & abstract of Mariel Goddu’s talk (December 1st, 12:15):

Having a sense of the possible
In this talk, I am going to share some preliminary ideas for a philosophical project grounded in cognitive science that aims to answer the following question: 
What sorts of cognitive capacities are involved in recognizing an „opportunity for action“? The talk has three parts.
In Part 1 (brief!), I am going to review considerations from evolutionary biology to make three uncontroversial claims: 1. Animals must act to live; 2. Acting involves being able to recognize opportunities for action; thus, 3. „Recognizing opportunities for action“ is a basic function of animal minds. This third point sets up the epistemological project: What does it mean to recognize an opportunity for action? What type of knowledge or belief does this require?
Then, in Part 2 (bulk!), I will review some key claims of an in-progress psychology review paper on the development of human-unique causal learning and reasoning. The literature reviewed suggests that both non-human animals and human children before the age of 4 do not have an objective understanding of causality––i.e., they do not view world events outside of their first-personal perspective in terms of generative causal relations, where certain events make other events happen. They only seem to have this sense about their own actions.
In Part 3 (speculation!), I will summarize why the „causal deficit“ suggested by the literature review is interesting, from two perspectives: 1. the question, „What is modal reasoning?“ from cognitive science, & 2. the question, „What is the (fundamental) ‚content‘ of cognition?“ from evolutionary epistemology. 

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