Master: Modul M.Bio.372 Seminarplatzvergabe

Assignment of spaces for the course M.Bio.372: Introduction to Matlab in Systems Neuroscience 2018

The number of available spaces for this course is limited. To participate in the space assignment for this course you must pre-register by Sunday 08.04.2018 exclusively via the registration form ( on the lecture homepage.

The assignment of spaces for the course will be communicated latest after the first class on Wednesday, 11.04.2018 (8:15) or in advance by email. The opportunity to participate in the course is only confirmed if you were contacted by email or personally during the first class.

Assignment priority for spaces in the course M.Bio.372 are given to 2nd semester Master students in Psychology and Biology. If the number of registrations exceeds the number of spaces, then these will be assigned within the priority groups by drawing lots.

Attendance at the location is required during the semester.

Important: the registration for space assignment does not replace the registration for the module in FlexNow for selected participants.