Leibniz ScienceCampus Movie Night

Dear All,

The next Leibniz ScienceCampus Movie Night will be on Wednesday, November 1st 2017, at 5.30 p.m. in the lecture hall of the German Primate Center.

We will screen “Shock room”, an award-winning documentary about the famous obedience experiments by Stanley Milgram. Trying to understand the Holocaust and why people followed orders to kill millions, Milgram designed a series of studies in which study participants had to punish another human being with painful electric shocks whenever they answered a question wrong. Milgram concluded that most humans will obey the order and punish another person even with lethal shocks.
The film revisits the Milgram experiments and presents not only footage of the original trials, but also re-staged previously un-filmed versions of this experiment, to explore if and when humans indeed do as they are told. “Shock room” won the award for the Best Feature Documentary at the Antenna Documentary Film Festival 2015. The jury concluded that “In terms of being a riveting seventy minutes that explores the dark side of human nature…Kathryn Millard’s excellent direction of dramatic re-enactments drew us into the many uncomfortable scenes that put us in the position to ponder – when would we stand up and just say NO!”

Margarete Boos from the University of Göttingen will be available for a discussion of the film and the study. The film will be shown in English language.

Best regards

Christian Schloegl

More information about the film and a link to the trailer can be found at: http://www.primate-cognition.eu/en/events/movie-nights.html